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Common Casino Myths

Casino games are a great way to pass time and you can also leave with a little profit. Casino games can be exciting and thrilling. Online casino games can be played with friends which can be a great deal if you are looking to spend some quality time with your friends. In casino games, money is also involved. However, as there is money involved, there are myths about it as well. Most of the myths do not make any sense. They are just misconceptions which can stop you from winning a large amount of money. You can learn about casino myths from 777 casinos online. Here are some of the common myths which you might have heard of or might be hearing in the future.

You’re due a win

No matter whichever game you play, there are no rules which would make you win a game. When you play a game in a casino for a long time without winning, you might have a feeling that you are going to win since you have not won until now. This is a common myth among most of the casino players. According to a particular theory, the chances of winning a game in a casino s about twenty-five percent which translates to winning a single game in every four games. Believing this theory, the players believe that since they have not won in any of the four games, that one win is still overdue.

The odds in any casino game is not dependent on the previous rounds of the same game. So, if you happen to meet any person who claims to be on a winning streak, avoid them as much as possible as it is just luck.

Casino Games are just Luck

People believe that casino games are pure luck and you cannot do anything about it. There are probabilities in every game of the casino which you need to calculate. You need to know how a particular deal affects your chances of winning and which actions can improve your chances. These are all part of the experience of the casino. Once you get it right, you will reduce the advantage of the house and makes the table turn by increasing your chances and leaving the casino with a profit. 开云体育

Casinos games are rigged

When a player does not win a game for a long them, they find reasons to blame others. This leads to the players calling the casino games to be rigged in order to satisfy oneself. All casinos in the world need to follow strict regulation to enforce fairness. There are machines which are completely automatic in generating random numbers for slots and other games. There are balances which are applied to the tables of Roulette to avoid any foul play. Moreover, casinos do not need to apply cheap tricks to make money. There are many players who are unable to apply the simplest of strategies and thus they lose their money. These types of players are enough to make the casinos rich.


Before you start believing in any myths regarding casinos, make sure to have proper knowledge and information about it.
Being the most trusted online gaming operators, we have to live up to our code of gaming industry where we do not manipulate our given trust and maintain fairness to all our customers. Proceed to weclub88.net now.

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Check Out Bonus Bitcoin Legit: Facts to Understand About Crypto Casinos

It would be best if you remembered that crypto casinos include a completely different perspective of gambling that comes with specific regulations compared with other online counterparts. Generally, the games do not feature centralization, meaning the house will not have control overthe odds and the game. 

Instead, random number generators are here to create odds for gambling, meaning the providers cannot change the game and cheat throughout the process. We recommend you check here to learn everything about online gambling. 

We can differentiate the numerous benefits of taking advantage of crypto casinos compared with other options. One of the biggest ones is that you can deposit and withdraw money without fees and additional hassle.

At the same time, they feature additional security compared with other online gambling options, mainly because no one can leak your data or hack your account to take money from it. Of course, you should remember a few things about crypto casinos, which will help you understand each step. 

The First One Started in 2013

The first bitcoin gambling platform was SatoshiDice, meaning people could bet on K-League in South Korea. Therefore, the bet allowed the usage of 0.2 bitcoins since the value was only twenty-four dollars during that period. 

You can find other casinos that exist from that era. However, most of them do not use other options instead of Bitcoins. Everything depends on your preferences. Of course, nowadays, the rise in popularity increased the number of casinos, but you should conduct comprehensive research beforehand to determine the safest and best one for your specific needs. 

Anonymous Betting

Since they do not feature regulations and centralization as other options, everything is anonymous, so you do not have to leave your profile info, credit card, and other data others can use against you. 

Generally, when you choose anonymity, you can rest assured and enjoy the process. Compared with regular options, you can rest assured because crypto casinos feature additional layers of security that will protect you throughout the process. This is especially important for people that live in regulated countries where gambling is illegal. 

Lower Fees 

Compared with other options for gambling enjoyment, you should know that crypto casinos come with lower transaction fees. That way, you can reduce overall expenses while enjoyingthe games you prefer. As a result, gambling is becoming more affordable and accessible to almost anyone. 

Most platforms will not charge a fee in case you decide to transfer bitcoins into a bitcoin wallet. At the same time, deposits and withdrawals will take between five and twenty minutes, which is a faster and more effective solution than other options. 

Numerous Games 

Another essential consideration you should remember is that crypto providers will offer you a wide array of games you can enjoy. For instance, websites will offer you sports betting, card games, and even crypto trading, providing you the diversity you need to enjoy throughout the process. 

According to stats, a single option will offer you between three hundred and five hundred different games and experiences you can choose from. Some are specifically unique, meaning you cannot find them in other places. 

24/7 Customer Service

You will get customer service anytime, depending on your needs and preferences. You will not get the same service when you choose other online gambling platforms. Since the crypto options want to stay competitive, they provide unique bonuses, reimbursements, and dedicated assistants for VIP players. 

Since they are digital, you can expect many customer support options and contacts. For instance, you can reach them through different messaging platforms, including Telegram, WhatsApp, direct chat on-site, and many more. 


You will get a wide array of promotions depending on numerous factors, from coin bonuses to free spins. 

The most common ones are no-deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs, referral bonuses, welcome bonuses, competitions, cashback, crypto options, event tickets, VIP programs, and many more. 

At the same time, you can use numerous cryptocurrencies nowadays, which was not the case back in the day. The most common ones include Dogecoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. However, you can choose other options as well. 

For instance, if you wish to diversify holdings and get the amount you wanted in the first place, you should check out the list of potential and available coins before choosing a specific place. 

Generally, they will accept and offer you between ten and fifteen different payment options, while others can offer VIP players more than fifty options. 

Crypto Casinos are Becoming More Popular Than Before

When we consider the international casino market, its value is approximately seventy billion dollars. Therefore, the number of crypto casinos is increasing to ensure the high demand people are asking for. Every year, more than ten percent or a hundred new casinos enter the market, meaning the industry is rapidly growing and becoming more consistent than before. 

Still, to createone, you must have both resources and time to invest. No matter, hundreds of options enter the market each year, which seems unbelievable. 

Third-Party Audits

One of the most common problems with crypto casinos is the lack of regulation, meaning players cannot be sure whether the system is cheating them. However, platforms have found a way by finding third-party audits to ensure fairness and the inability to cheat. 

Remember that audits comprise an independent team of experts responsible for analyzing and determining the finances, game logic, and code. You should know that audits may miss sophisticated cheating engines, but they can detect a lack of programming experience that will affect your game’s quality. 

We recommend you check out more about bonus bitcoin review, which is vital for determining where you can bet easily. 

Daily Crypto Gamblers Number Increases

One of the biggest reasons people choose this gambling option is anonymity. Their transactions are transparent, meaning they do not need an intermediary with additional fees for winnings. Similarly, as mentioned above, platforms offer a wide array of games you cannot find in other casinos, which is another reason for their popularity. 

Finally, transactions are fast, meaning you do not have to wait for days or weeks for money to reach your bank account. 

Betting on Sports – Online Sport Betting Made Easy

Sports betting is one of the most popular ways to make money online. You can bet on anything from the World Cup to the Super Bowl. It’s not just for rich guys with time on their hands, it’s an amazing business opportunity that has exploded in popularity.

As the popularity of online sports betting has grown, so too has the number of people trying to make a living betting online. There are thousands of websites that you can bet on, and that’s made it a lot harder to find a betting website that can help you make money. That’s where our guide comes in.

We’ve got a list of the top 5 sports betting sites on the internet, which you can use as a guide to choosing the best แทงบอล sports betting site. You can use them as a guide to find a safe and reliable betting site, or you can use them as a way to find the best sports betting site for you.

We’ve also taken a look at some of the most popular sports, and we’ve listed the best sports to bet on. This will help you choose the best sport for you to bet on.


Sports Betting Guide

1. Bet365

This is one of the biggest names in the business. It’s not only the biggest sports betting site in the world, it’s also one of the oldest. Bet365 was established in 1994, and since then they’ve been providing the best sports betting services to thousands of online customers.

They’re a UK based company, and they have been one of the main providers of online betting services in the UK. They are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and they have a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable betting site.

2. Betfair

Betfair is a great option for anyone who’s looking for an all-in-one betting service. They offer a fantastic variety of betting markets, and you can bet on anything from horse racing to football matches. They are an extremely popular betting site, with over 10 million people using their services every month.

Their main advantage is that they are a massive betting exchange. This means that they have a wide range of betting แทงบอล markets, and they allow you to bet on a wide range of sporting events. They also have a unique customer support system, where you can chat to a live agent via the site.

3. Bovada

Bovada is one of the largest and most popular betting sites in the world. They’re a US based company, but they have been providing services in over 30 countries worldwide. They’ve got a massive online presence, and they offer a wide range of betting options.

The biggest advantage of Bovada is that they have a large number of betting markets available. This means that they have a great range of betting options for you to bet on. They also offer a unique customer support system, where you can chat to a live agent, or you can contact them by phone.

The best roulette bets for beginners

A group of people around a table

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Roulette is an attractive option for those new to casino games, and perhaps its most appealing characteristic is its simplicity. But roulette can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Experienced roulette players often use complex strategies, both to try to improve their odds and to make the game more interesting. There is also a wide range of different bets, including combination bets that can seem daunting to the newcomer. 

Safe bets

Although there are many common casino myths about the effectiveness of this or that strategy, it’s recommended that newer players go with their initial impression and embrace the straightforward simplicity of the roulette game. The simplest bets are often the safest and provide the best odds of success for beginners who want to make their bankroll last for as long as possible.

Know your game

Although the essential quality of roulette remains the same, whether you’re playing in a Las Vegas resort or at an NJ online casino, some important variations exist. To give yourself the best odds, you should know which version of roulette you’re playing before you begin. 

US vs Europe

The most significant distinction is between an American roulette wheel, which has both ‘0’ and ‘00’ pockets besides the numbers 1-36, and the European wheel, which has just the one 0. This means that on an American wheel, there are 38 possible pockets for the ball to end up in, compared to just 37 on a European wheel. European roulette, therefore, offers better odds, as well as a much lower house edge: 2.63% compared to 5.26%.

Prison rule

If a European roulette game applies the optional En Prison rule, then the house edge drops to just 1.35%. This only applies to even money bets, as discussed below. When the ball lands on zero, it doesn’t count, and your bet is held over till the next spin. If you “win” on this spin, then you get your money back, but no winnings. If you lose, then you lose just the same. 

Outside bets

The best roulette odds for beginners come from the outside bets. These include the either/or bets, on either red or black, odd or even, high or low, which give you an almost 50-50 chance of winning, although they only pay out 1:1.

The other types of outside bet are columns and dozens, which give you a one in three chance of winning and pay out 2:1. In these cases, you bet that the number which the ball lands on will be from one of three groupings of numbers, arranged either in three columns or by the dozen (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). 

Inside bets

Outside bets offer the best odds of winning by far, but you won’t win much. Betting on a single number in an inside bet gives you just a one in thirty-eight chance of winning, with a payout of 35/1 (taking account of the house edge). Betting on more than one number at once can increase the odds in your favor, but because only one number can win at a time, the amount you make back will be correspondingly lower.

Beginners should stick to outside bets and consider combining an even bet with one on dozens or columns. This could give you the best chance of a winning spin with a decent return as well.

Online Gaming: a new era in the gambling

Gambling is ending up being the most interesting for many people out there. It is becoming one of the prime artists for all. There are various kinds of video games offered in the gaming industry; however, some video games like slot and blackjack stand apart from the business’s most effective joggers.

 They are among the most regularly used เว็บไซต์ลอตเตอรีออนไลน์ video games and get the maximum gain for their online casinos. Earlier, if you want to wager because case you need to go to the casino sites to play, with the technology adjustment, now can you gamble just by resting at your house.

 The trend of online betting is growing rapidly, and more individuals are playing gambling enterprise games online. The online variation of gambling establishment video games had made it obtainable to various brand-new gamers. Previously some players hesitate to see the online casino. Now they can have fun with the convenience of sitting at their residence.

 There are two ways you can play blackjack online. You can either play a paid video game in which you wager real money and get real money in return if you win, or you can dip into various complimentary web sites that allow having fun and exercising on blackjack. If you are among the beginner that has just started playing the video game after that, you can choose from various cost-free sites that will enable you to play without paying and also if you win you might obtain some redemption points. The main benefit of playing here is that you are not mosting likely to lose any cash, and a downside because you are not mosting likely to make any money.

 The various other alternatives you have are choosing a relied on internet sites, which enables you to have fun with genuine money. Getting a relied on site is an extremely crucial action of this procedure. You wish to get a relied on site is because you need to either give your bank card information or checking account information to the web site. Some of the sites provide you with a joining benefit for brand-new gamers.

 If you want to find a trusted site, numerous เว็บไซต์ลอตเตอรีออนไลน์ online casino forms will allow you to understand the different websites that allow you to play with your money. When you have fun with the money, a solitary wrong action can lead to a loose of cash, so be careful because you are betting your difficult generated income.



When you put contests bets with several bookmakers, you are often using advanced betting software in the method. Various operators work in tandem with these providers in order to render a first-class betting service to their clients, primarily when it comes to In-Play betting.

The global online contests betting business has planted its roots deep into the betting industry. Everybody is considering attempting out their luck in sports betting. There is a very strong rivalry among the many sports online betting software providers in the world. Everybody is including different and outstanding highlights so that their software can make it to the top.

While it is easy to neglect, a dependable software platform can greatly influence the user action, primarily when it happens to online betting sites. While unique bingo software suppliers might get more advertising, the best betting software providers quietly go about the work of providing high-end gambling experiences for all who follow their online bookies.

Here we will tell you about some of the renounced betting software –

OpenBet:Most maximum betting patrons will be blissful uninformed of OpenBet although this software firm produces the betting interface for some of the planets’ largest online bookmakers. This adds Paddy Power, Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Sky Bet. Considered as the market’s foremost software provider, their Informix Dynamic Server supports billions of bets to be placed together through a large number of bookmakers.

Geneity:This is a software provider that creates a division of the Playtech stable, with GenBet doing the multi-channel sportsbook stage that has the capacity to perform over 100 football betting markets for a singular match. There have been companies with Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfair simultaneously with the way, with Geneity obtained a license by the UK Gambling Commission.

SBTech: Various new bookmakers who join the UK betting space will partner with SBTech and you might have marked that operators such as 10Bet, NetBet, and Karamba all have alike looking interfaces. That is because their demands and odds are originating from the same place, with this company providing numerous bookies with a white design solution that offers competing odds across a field of sports betting markets.

Betradar: This Company is more limited about providing a trading stage to customers and more about the provision of sports-related live data and digital content to better bookmaker websites such as bet365. The chances are that Betradar will be running their feed through this channel.

Play an Exciting Card Game While Receiving Rewards

There are many forms of entertainment today. With the power of technology and the internet, you can do almost anything you want. And since the pandemic hit where people are forced to stay inside, they can use it for work or school. But the best thing about technology and the internet is you can find many things to do on it. This includes online gambling. Like when you visit the casino, you will also find all kinds of gambling online. One such popular card game that you can enjoy is dummy online.

UFA656z is an online gambling website that offers tons of fun and cool gambling services. It has many card games and slot machine games you can enjoy. If you love playing easy card games, dummy online is the perfect trick-taking card game you should try. Win big and enjoy while playing at UFS656z!

An Excellent & Easy to Play Card Game for Everyone

Dummy online is a card game that initially came from England. It is a widely-popular game because of its fun background. It is also extremely easy to play compared to other card games out there. All you need is brainpower and strategy to win the game. If you want to keep your brain sharp and active, this is a simple game you can start with. Aside from that, luck plays a minor role because you will have to hope that you get dealt with easy cards.

The dummy card game creates a fun and exciting atmosphere between its players. In UFA656z, you can easily talk to the other players using the very innovative chat channel. This makes the whole game experience relaxing for everyone!

How to Play Dummy Rummy Card Game

Dummy Rummy is a very easy card game, which you can easily play with your friends. It’s not necessary that you place bets in every dummy card game you play, but in UFA656z, placing and winning bets is what makes it very exciting! To start, only 2 to 4 players can join the game. The dealer will give 11 cards for two players, 9 cards for three players, and 7 cards for four players. The remaining cards will be where the players will draw cards to create sequences and sets.

The player with the least points after calculating the remaining cards wins the game. Each card has a different value. So you must understand the rules and mechanics of the game before you can even place your bet!

Baccarat – An Overview Of The Game

The world has been evolving as a place of recreation along with progress, fun along with hard work. This is why many forms of sports, online games have evolved out to be the best forms of life. Keeping these apart, one crucial form of sports has been gambling. Gambling usually involves a lot many kinds of games such as rummy, poker, or blackjack; however, one crucial underrated game is mega888 download. A simple game that requires the least amount of skills and strategies and depends more on the luck of the individual. Although it has different forms based on cultures and countries across the world, the most common form is the full pit Baccarat. It has an amalgamation of most of the variances and the common points into it, making it the most preferred type.

The Origin of Bacarrat

The earliest traces of this form has been in France. The most complicated past time, originated in the times of kings and queens where gambling was a noble outlook. The most basic form was known by the name of Chemin De Fer. One of the players is assigned with bets and dealings of players due to its complexity while the other players are called punters. These games are still played in the U.S.A and Canada’s casinos. They involve a lot of complicated steps required in the picture. The simpler forms of baccarat involve Punto Banco, Super 6/Punto 2000, and many more, which are luck-driven and straightforward. They need less use of strategies and hence are popular.

An OverView

One of the earliest forms of cards, baccarat involves bets and dealings to initiate the proceedings. Luck driven statistics follow this. The player puts the bet on any hand of cards which seems to be adequate, and the chances of the bet turning out in favour are hoped for. After placing bets, no changes can be done as the players can wait for the outcomes. Wait and watch is the strategy involved. The next part involves dealings. It consists of a dealer for the whole procedure to take place. He/she distributes the cards and can also act as a banker in certain rare instances. Each player has a total of six cards. These cards are summed for values to reach 9 points beyond which cards are dumped one by one. The winner is the player who scores the highest of the 9 points. To play based on your skillsets, you must always deal with the player’s hand of cards.

The baccarat form has changed since the beginning of time; however, it has not left its charm from its enthusiasts. Right from luck to skillsets, it can be practised by amateurs as well as professionals. When the talk about the card game is involved, this game helps in understanding the importance of victory as well as defeat in it. The bets and deals show the way a card game can change its course from the common pathway. You must try this game at least once if you deal in cards.

Instructions to play online poker game

Poker game is familiar for many people all around the world. The game is played through cards. Poker online game is played by audience every day in their lives. This game is similar to domino q casino. For ceme online is given highest ratings. Ceme is same as another card game. Almost 30 cards game are present in the site there are several settings made for it. In this game each and every card has similar prices. Two domino cards present in game, after the game is finished dealer decides the winner by counting the card numbers.

Ceme poker and its rules to play

There is almost 8 players play game, all along two players play game. This game is enjoyed by many groups and is popularly called as the card game. Two groups involve in ceme online game. A banker and a player, inside cards a player places value of money later on starts the main game. Once we get an idea of the value of amount we can play and win as much as we can. Game later on continues and players can win as much as they can.

Players keep trust in their fortune and should place bets and can win maximum amounts. The point of winning more money brings a lot of excitement in us. Card value is determined by strength of cards, mire the points on cards, the maximum they are chances to win, All the game players finalizes the winner to place bets. Every thing depends on bets. There are in total 30 cards. Each player can choose to play from zero value to nine values. As we all know the lesser amount is zero and large number is nine. Next another point raises how we can declare a winner. In poker ceme game based on value of cards the winner gets decided. As every game there will be two teams in this game also namely a banker and a winner.

The one with high count on the card is declared as winner. Suppose if the banker wins the price then game is in their hands. Suppose if both the gamer and banker got equal points and it is draw then the banker credits the amount. The game is based on the number of points gained, maximum points to win is nine. The count may sometime increase or decrease based on our fate. In case if banker point got the nine as score then they are told as win for sure. They are said to won the match and that would be a real jack pot for them. If player wins then the money are divided according the points they scored.one should know the fate is the main role in playing gambling games, tricks are also necessary but those are also applicable to some extent, that too till how much we understood the game In this article we can gain a lot of information regarding a very important aspects of playing ceme online game. We can also get to know the procedure to play idn poker game.

Trends in Slot Game Development

With high-end smartphones, now it is a perfect time for gaming and also for gambling. Yes, you heard it right, with new online casinos and live gaming booming in the industry, online gambling has become a lot more advanced. Joker123 slot games are a lot popular. But let us look at the trends going in the slot development industry.

With the corona pandemic and social distancing, online gambling has got a better reach for a wider audience. Now new slot games are being launched to attract the gambling community. This is because they are fun and easy to play and entertain the audience with their simplicity. 

Top trends of slot games: 

  1. Megaways Slots: this is the hottest trend in the slot market. This is a series of reel sets that are shifting and it can lead to thousands of combinations for winning when you spin. It makes it an ideal choice for players that aspire to win a fortune in gambling because here there are small stakes but the win is huge. This technology was introduced by Big Time Gaming company for its famous slot game Bonanza. It was then licensed to other game developers that have used it to create their custom versions. 
  2. Mobile-friendly websites: slot gambling websites that are mobile-friendly are very common. This has enabled players to play their favorite games on their laptops or smartphones anywhere and anytime. Nowadays developers are focusing more on making mobile-friendly slots. These are the sites which are developed for enabling players to enjoy their favorite games on their smartphones. Mobile developers are creating web slots apps that are super responsive to smartphones. This will eliminate the need which would meet the requirements for publishing the slot games on Google Play and the Apple’s App Store.
  3. VR and AR: AR and VR are having a huge impact on the Slot joker123 games as a whole. Online gambling is always updated with new technology to keep customers entertained. VR online casino is using it to give a better experience to their players. VR in online slot gaming has opened up new avenues for gamblers. 
  4. Respin and hold: another important trend in slot gaming is the respin and hold mechanism. This gives the feature of bonus or jackpot in the game and then the reels that are remaining are re-spun. This was first introduced in the game Lightning Link which was a big hit game of Aristocrat. With this feature, you can collect the highest reward in the slot game. In this game, you can collect bonus symbols or scattered coins from the screen to win big. This involves more players in the game and they stay in the game for longer. 
  5. Slot games that are branded and licensed: this is a major trend of slots. Now developers make slots based on popular television series, musicians, or movies. 

These are some of the popular trends of online slot games development currently. 

You can also do without progressive jackpot?

Noevery online slot offers a progressive jackpot. The Gladiator slot for example, with a payout rate of 94% is available in two versions: one with and one without progressive jackpots slot machines. In our comparison, the version without jackpot is interesting.

You can play on a total of 25 paylines in the slot with stakes from 1 cent to a maximum of 5 euros. The best payout, namely a 5000x multiplier, you get with the Imperator symbol. With a stake of 1 euro, you will receive 5,000 euros. There are also 3 lucrative scatters with the help of which you can get 12 free spins and a triple multiplier. In combination with the functions mentioned, you can theoretically get a prize of 180,000 euros.

Free Spins Till You Drop: Immortal Romance

This slot from Microgaming has a payout rate of almost 97% compared to slot machines with jackpot and can be praised because it is equipped with a total of 243 paylines.

In the game you can win up to 6 euros with a bet of 30 cents, for example. In addition to the wild and scatter, the game also features the strong symbol of Sarah, which gives you a profit of 4050 euros. If you get more than 3 scatters, you can even unlock bonus rounds and win either free rounds or multipliers.

When you unlock the bonus for the very first time, you get 10 free spins and a five-fold multiplier in the game. This results in a profit of up to 202,000 euros. If you then continue to play, you could even increase your winnings in further bonus rounds.

Great Blue has great payout percentages

Another front runner even without progressive jackpots slot machine is this slot from Playtech. On 25 reels you immerse yourself in a beautiful underwater world and win the maximum win with the turtle or the shark – namely a 1,500-fold multiplication of the original bet.

If there is a game on top, the profit is doubled again! For example, if you bet 1 euro, it can be calculated that theoretically (with a 4 cent line bet) a profit of 6,000 euros is possible. Remember that in the best case scenario, 33 free spins and a multiplier of 15 will be given – then we are up to 720,000 euros in profit.

Merkur slot machine jackpot has to catch up

The games company Merkur can still improve in terms of profitable and progressive jackpots. Would you like to crack a slot machine jackpot, then you better not look around a Merkur slot machine jackpot.

However, a notable slot from Merkur is Triple Chance. You can spin the reels here on 5 paylines and stakes from 5 cents to 10 euros. You get the best payout with a seventh, which pays you 750 euros with a stake of 1 euro. That’s nice, but it can’t keep up with the features of other comparable games. However, we would like to mention the respin feature here – with which you win at least 3 or 9 more triple spins and can thus earn 7,000 euros per bet.

Conclusion – big differences between the individual manufacturers

If you compare the different slots and slot machines with jackpots from the individual developers, it is clear that the providers NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming lead the way here. The progressive jackpot slot machines from Merkur and Novoline, on the other hand, do rather poorly. On the positive side, it should be mentioned that higher profits can also occur with a lower probability of occurrence. With higher profits, on the other hand, it is more difficult to turn an ideal picture.

If your goal is a really big win, then that does not play a significant role, because then you are at the right address with the aforementioned progressive jackpots slot machines.

Frequently Asked Questions: Progressive Jackpots

► What is a progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpots are slot machines in online casinos that have a common main prize, i.e. a jackpot. The jackpot is not only limited to one casino, but is fed from all game rounds that take place at any online casino in the respective game. That means: The jackpot is networked and thus grows to sometimes dizzying heights. It also gets big very quickly because so many different game rounds “pay in” for it.

► What was the biggest jackpot of all time?

The largest jackpot prize paid out to date is the equivalent of around 20 million euros. That happened in 2015 in the jackpot slot machine Mega Moolah. Before that, the record was around 17 million euros in NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. This jackpot world record came from 2012.

► Does every online casino have progressive jackpots on offer?

No, unfortunately that is not the case. The well-known and reputable providers usually already have some progressive jackpot slots. Of course, one twist here can turn your whole life upside down. You can read with us in the reviews of the casinos whether a casino has such jackpots or not.

► Which jackpot games are the most popular?

In 2020 these will be Hall of Gods from NetEnt, Mega Moolah from Microgaming and then Mega Fortune – also from NetEnt. This is where the highest jackpots are found, so these are the most played.