Trends in Slot Game Development

With high-end smartphones, now it is a perfect time for gaming and also for gambling. Yes, you heard it right, with new online casinos and live gaming booming in the industry, online gambling has become a lot more advanced. Joker123 slot games are a lot popular. But let us look at the trends going in the slot development industry.

With the corona pandemic and social distancing, online gambling has got a better reach for a wider audience. Now new slot games are being launched to attract the gambling community. This is because they are fun and easy to play and entertain the audience with their simplicity. 

Top trends of slot games: 

  1. Megaways Slots: this is the hottest trend in the slot market. This is a series of reel sets that are shifting and it can lead to thousands of combinations for winning when you spin. It makes it an ideal choice for players that aspire to win a fortune in gambling because here there are small stakes but the win is huge. This technology was introduced by Big Time Gaming company for its famous slot game Bonanza. It was then licensed to other game developers that have used it to create their custom versions. 
  2. Mobile-friendly websites: slot gambling websites that are mobile-friendly are very common. This has enabled players to play their favorite games on their laptops or smartphones anywhere and anytime. Nowadays developers are focusing more on making mobile-friendly slots. These are the sites which are developed for enabling players to enjoy their favorite games on their smartphones. Mobile developers are creating web slots apps that are super responsive to smartphones. This will eliminate the need which would meet the requirements for publishing the slot games on Google Play and the Apple’s App Store.
  3. VR and AR: AR and VR are having a huge impact on the Slot joker123 games as a whole. Online gambling is always updated with new technology to keep customers entertained. VR online casino is using it to give a better experience to their players. VR in online slot gaming has opened up new avenues for gamblers. 
  4. Respin and hold: another important trend in slot gaming is the respin and hold mechanism. This gives the feature of bonus or jackpot in the game and then the reels that are remaining are re-spun. This was first introduced in the game Lightning Link which was a big hit game of Aristocrat. With this feature, you can collect the highest reward in the slot game. In this game, you can collect bonus symbols or scattered coins from the screen to win big. This involves more players in the game and they stay in the game for longer. 
  5. Slot games that are branded and licensed: this is a major trend of slots. Now developers make slots based on popular television series, musicians, or movies. 

These are some of the popular trends of online slot games development currently.